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    Shepherd's origin

    Guangzhou JiMu livestock husbandry will be through the independent research and development of a full range of pig equipment, with first-class sales team and brand marketing strategy and after-sales service, through the line under the integration of new retail mode, will quickly become the domestic industry standard-setting, and among the high-end, leading pig equipment brand ranks. Animal husbandry Stephen adhere to innovation as the enterprise-oriented......



    Advantage to show

    Focusing on Specialty, making breeding simpler and creating a New International Ecological Circle


    Shepherd news


    Musyder partner--Debao Agriculture and animal husbandry
    Musyder partner--ZHENGDA Group
    Musyder Partner--Yangxiang food
    Musyder Partners--two business group
    Musyder Partner--Melco agriculture and animal husbandry
    Musyder Partner--Food of origin
    Musyder Partner--New big animal husbandry
    Musyder Partner--Tang God
    Musyder Partner----State group
    Musyder Partner--Yi-Fat Animal husbandry
    Musyder Partner--Guangdong reclamation
    Musyder Partner--Wen Group
    Musyder Partner--Fast big feed
    Musyder Partner--Guang San Bao
    Musyder Partner--Guangdong Dexing
    Musyder Partner--undistracted shares
    Musyder Partner--Tin bang food
    Musyder Partner--Wo Fung Husbandry
    Musyder Partner-COFCO Group
    Musyder Partner-Candars